Photos of Bermuda

Photos from a business trip to Bermuda in October, 2007

Here are some photos taken while I walked around.

Street Scenes

Street scenes in Hamilton:


bermuda bus station The bus station

sculpture in bermuda A sculpture in front of the City Hall

bermuda shopping centreshopping centre A "shopping centre." It was closed the day I took this photo, but I checked it out later on.

bermuda onion A "bermuda onion" in front of the shopping centre


Street scenes near Fort St Catherine:

bermuda Fort St Catherine


Here are some photos of the "official outfit" of Bermuda and a restaurant that I ate at one day.

Bermuda Shorts Bermuda Shorts

The official outfit. Yes, you are supposed to wear the long dark socks and long sleeve shirt, white or blue.

Pickled Onion Bar and Restaurant The Pickled Onion Bar and Restaurant

Pickled Onion Bar and Restaurant Inside the Pickled Onion Bar and Restaurant

Rum Swizzle A Rum Swizzle

A rum cocktail made of Demerera Rum (amber rum) and Jamaican Rum (dark rum) along with an assortment of citrus juices.
Sometimes brandy is added to the mixture as well.

bermuda roof Roof construction

In this photo you can see the construction of the rafters and the roof.
The Bermuda Roof has always been built over an open-batten structure (see photo) and material used has always been limestone cut into 18"x12"x1" slate. The slate is bedded in mortar and each row of slate overlaps the previous row by half (9"), therefore all the way up the roof there is approximately 3" of roof material.

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