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The Guide for the Occasional Traveler

This guide is meant to be helpful to the person who visits New York City infrequently. It contains information about how to get around the city, and about some of the things you won't find in your usual web searches.

You won't find too much information here about the major New York tourist attractions. What you will find is good information to help you get around, find a good place to eat, do some shopping, and some information about some other attractions.

Basic Information

The city of New York is actually made up of five boroughs; The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Manhattan Island. This guide will concentrate mainly on Manhattan, specifically mid-town Manhattan, and more specifically on the area below 59th Street.

When someone talks about New York City, this is usually what they are talking about. When you mention New York City, this is what most people think about. Most of the Broadway and off-Broadway theaters are here. Times Square is here. The three major TV networks have the studios for their morning shows here, etc. This is the part of New York City that I have visited most often and know the best.

That's not to say that there is anything wrong with the rest of the city. I know that there are lots of very nice and interesting things to see and do in the rest of New York City. But there will be little information about these other areas on this web site.

I have recently visited lower Manhattan, particularly the Financial District and surrounding areas. Some information from this visit will be presented on this web site, including the photo below.

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New York, December, 2009

Chelsea Market, Macy's, Rockefeller Center, Times Square

Macy's New York Department Store, December, 2008

The World's Largest Store?

Statue of LibertyNew York City, June, 2004
Ground Zero, Brooklyn Bridge, China Town, Little Italy, Battery Park, Staten Island Ferry, Trinity Church

Grotta Azzura
A Very Nice Sunday Morning in New York

Chinatown, Little Italy

NY Botanical Garden
New York Botanical Garden, June 2003

Rock Garden, Rose Garden, Orchids, Fauna

Brooklyn Bridge
Trip to New York City in January, 2002

Ground Zero, Miscelaneous sites

New York City Street Scene, Union Square Here is a photo of Union Square, entering the southern end around 14th Street.

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